DLA Architects Practice was formed in 1998 and is based in Milton Keynes. Over the years we have worked on a wide range of projects throughout the UK. We base our service on close analysis and innovative thinking. Our design approach seeks to reconcile our Clients’ ambitions with the maximum commercial potential offered by their sites. Our ideas are drawn from many years of experience and our practice manifesto is anchored by a lasting commitment to design excellence.  

Our particular areas of expertise include Employment (Commerce and Industry) and Residential – (Institutional, Sale and Social). We also have a strong portfolio of Masterplanning, Mixed Use, Education, Healthcare, Sports, Recreation and Community projects. Whatever the sector, DLA Architects Practice try to bring a quizzical dimension to all our commissions. We seek to avoid the obvious or stereotypical solutions in favour of a questioning approach that extracts the maximum from all the opportunities that our Clients bring to us.

As a practice, we are committed to sustainability. We have designed many BREEAM compliant buildings and have achieved ‘Excellent’ ratings for several recent projects. Our Clients range from Owner/Occupiers of small commercial or industrial premises to multi-national corporations. We have worked for major national developers and corporate funding agencies as well as for community bodies and small religious groups. We work for most of the largest house builders and also for major RSL’s, usually when they need something that goes beyond the norm.

The projects we show here represent only a small sample of our work over the years. Please contact us if you need more information in any of the sectors noted.