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Maryland, Woburn

Maryland is a fine Listed ‘Arts & Crafts’ building that is rich in history. Built by the Duchess of Bedford as a cottage hospital, it became a wartime espionage centre and then latterly a college of further education. DLA Architects Practice crafted 7 high-value apartments within the main building and designed 6 substantial and individual detached houses in the grounds, several with full basements. DLA AP’s designs acknowledge, respect and reflect the rich historical heritage of the site while creating maximum sales value.

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Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire

DLA Architects Practice breathed life into listed glasshouses at Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire. Installed in 1890 by the renowned Edinburgh firm Makenzie & Moncur, who also worked at Kew Gardens and for Queen Victoria, the buildings were all but derelict. DLA AP sourced specialists to repair the cast iron gearing as well as the hardwood structures. Meticulous research into materials and design have returned the glasshouses to their former glory, elevating them to the premier wedding and conference venue in the region.

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The Lord Leycester Hotel, Warwick

Located in the historic centre of Warwick, this striking Grade II hotel traces its history to Elizabethan times. The great age of the building caused problems since major structural defects needed to be urgently addressed. To realise value for the extensive remedial works required, DLA Architects Practice worked with Planners and Historic England to prepare an archaeologically referenced hotel refurbishment plus a sensitive 10 house infill in the courtyard. DLA AP’s well received design was unanimously granted full and listed planning approvals.

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