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The Limes, Ampthill

DLA Architects Practice were appointed by Storey Homes to deliver an already approved design for this site of the former Civic Offices in central Ampthill. After multiple planning applications for re-designs and amendments, and having dealt with challenging issues on existing trees, site conditions and buildability, DLA AP successfully delivered this 14-house scheme, respecting as far as possible the original concept. Working closely with all key consultants, notably basement specialists and off-site fabricators, this challenging infill site eventually delivered significantly increased values.

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Clickers Yard, Olney

When Bastion Homes acquired a former joinery works within the Conservation Area, DLA Architects Practice were commissioned to prepare feasibility studies and designs. DLA AP undertook an exhaustive contextual study, which formed part of the Planning Application. From this base and following a positive engagement with Planners and Conservation Officers, approval was granted for eight four-bedroom houses that are built to modern sustainable standards using local stone and bricks while referencing traditional construction details drawn from the locality.

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Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire

DLA Architects Practice prepared the design, detailed working drawings and a tender package for this development of 10 dwellings on former agricultural land in Little Thetford. The 8 detached houses and 2 bungalows were all to bespoke designs and refer to the materials, scales and massing themes that are prevalent in the main body of the village. All these contextual prompts were then reinterpreted in a contemporary design approach which has proved popular with both Planners and Villagers alike.

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